Monday, 13 February 2012

Drawing Class in Whickham - the first four weeks

This is a new group who have come together in Whickham School to study drawing at a Gateshead Learning and Skills Service evening class. he group includes Jason, Tom B, Christine, Ish, Marie, Maurice, Tom C, Glenda, Elizabeth, Alan, Bernard. All are either complete beginners or have not drawn since childhood. 
The course has so far covered tone, line, creating depth using line weight, composing still-life objects using the rule of thirds and focal points, getting to know a range of drawing media - graphite, charcoal, pencil, and techniques - line, tone, working from a black ground, drawing with a rubber. 
The results are already looking good. T
The line drawings below are a project using only line (meaning simple figure and ground) to create the maximum sense of depth and aerial perspective plus interest. The tone drawings are exercises in light and shade to create form and depth. 
Here is a sample of the work done so far showing how confidence is growing all the time and the rich variety of individual approaches: 

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